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Dep. LNT

Our LNT department in Svolvær is a service centre for both fishing gear and aquaculture equipment. Here, we are able to design new mooring systems, as well as certify aquaculture nets. We can deliver new aquaculture nets and will even offer services such as cleaning, disinfection and reparation of aquaculture nets, as well as antifouling of the nets. We also offer indoor storage solutions for aquaculture nets.


Our LNT department delivers many different types of fishing gear for the fishing industry. From this division, we can supply seine nets, purse nets, Durapurse wires, seine rope and other ropes, as well as assorted hardware. In our production and service areas, we possess multiple facilities for reparation and maintenance. Furthermore, we can offer indoor storage of seine nets upon request and provide purse net storage facilities.


We receive life rafts and safety equipment that needs to be controlled, and then send them to our life raft service station in Måløy, in case of eventual service.