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Dep. Svolvær

Our Svolvær division is centrally-located in Svolvær harbour, and is equipped with its own quay, floating quay, assembly hall and shop. The division is specialised in production and sale of fishing accessories and equipment for the coastal fishing fleet. In addition, we also offer a broad range of products of gillnets and longlines. We receive life rafts and safety equipment that needs to be controlled, and then send them to our life raft service station in Måløy, in case of eventual service.


Selstad shop in Svolvær

In the Selstad shop, you can find a broad assortment of everything from workwear and accessories, to different kinds of boating equipment. We stock boating equipment such as anchors, dredgers, rope, lifesaving suits, floats and many more. Additionally, we also stock work clothes, different types of rain wear, boots, protective gear, gloves and shoes.