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Måløy Head Office

At our head office in Måløy, central functions within accounting, staffing and quality control are situated, as well as our main business sectors: aquaculture equipment, fishing gear, rope production, life raft service station and lifting equipment.


In our fish farming equipment department, we are able to design new mooring systems, as well as certify aquaculture nets. We can deliver new aquaculture nets and will even offer services such as cleaning, disinfection and reparation of aquaculture nets, as well as antifouling of the nets. We also offer indoor storage solutions for aquaculture nets.


In the fishing gear department, we have production, service and reparation of trawl and purse seine.


We also have a rope factory where we produce our own renowned Selstad rope, in addition to our liferaft service station where experienced staff are at your service 24/7.


In addition, this is where Selstad’s main warehouse is situated.