Selstad’s Service Database keeps track of the customer’s cages that currently being serviced. Within our database, you can view the service status of your cage and you can also download the accompanying user manual, certificate and service card.

The Service Database can be found here


The certificate database Utstyrsportalen helps customers to keep track of the certificates for their products. The certificates are automatically added to the customer’s personal account, accessible from any PC or tablet.

Utstyrsportalen can be found here


Selstad Log is an interactive service produced to organise all the documentation in one place, within one system. This is a much-needed development for the industry, which Selstad has instituted. The Log also offers electronic checklists, prepared after consultation with the customer. We have developed a user-friendly tool, in order for breeders to use a minimal amount of time on paperwork.

Selstad Log can be found here


A customer’s site in Selstad Log

A presentation of certificates for the highlighted mooring line