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Fishing gear

Selstad has over 60 years of experience as both a producer and supplier of fishing gear to the international market. We produce, supply and repair bottom trawl nets, pelagic trawl, purse seine, Danish seine, seine rope as well as smaller fishing accessories such as gill nets, traps and long lines for the coastal fleet.

Streamline bottom trawl

We stock:

  • Oliveira fishing wire ropes
  • Tyborøn trawl doors
  • BlueLine / Brd Markussen blocks
  • Tyco Electronics net sonde cable
  • Castro trawl floats
  • Garware trawl and purse seine netting


The design of our products is in a process of continuous development and testing, in order to always correspond with customers expectations. Most of this development occurs in cooperation with experienced customers, with the aim to improve both quality and productivity.


Selstad has its own rope factory in Måløy, where we produce Danish seine rope and rope for the construction of pelagic trawling nets.


In addition to our own products, we are also a stockist of quality brands such as Oliveira fishing wire ropes, Tyborøn trawl doors, BlueLine / Brd Markussen blocks, Tyco Electronics net sonde cable and Castro trawl floats.