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Bottom trawl

Selstad supplies all equipment associated with bottom trawling: trawling wire, doors, sweeps/bridles, Rockhopper gear, sorting grids, hardware, etc.. Our divisions that deal most with bottom trawling are Måløy, Ålesund and Tromsø.

Bottom trawl in test tank

In the last decades, Selstad GR-trawl has been one of the most used trawls in Norwegian waters, and our constant focus on development of design and materials has meant that the latest models GR-400, GR-444 and GR-520 were well-received.


Futhermore, in collaboration with Garware Wall Rope in India, we have developed Streamline net. Streamline reduces the towing resistance with its increased durability and thinner thread, leading us to the current Streamline trawl. We produce in many different sizes: Streamline 470, 536 and 630 are some of our most successful models, as well as Streamline 810 which provides more height to increase success rates of haddock and saithe catches.

Thyborøn trawldoors