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Pelagic trawl

Selstad supplies all equipment for pelagic trawl: trawl wire, doors, net sonde cable, sweeps/bridles, cod ends, hardware, etc.. Our division that deals most with pelagic trawl is Måløy, but after an extension, our division in Ålesund will soon be ready to provide the same services.

Blue whiting trawl during shooting

Selstad has many years of experience in the production of pelagic trawl, both for Norwegian and foreign clients. We produce diamond mesh trawls and hexagonal trawls in different sizes and materials, and have customers that fish blue whiting, horse mackerel, anchovies, herring and mackerel with these products.


Many of the trawl nets are produced using our own Danline rope, with its many advantages. The rope is incredibly durable and easy to work with.