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Anchors, chains, mooring and buoys

Selstad delivers all types of chains and other certified components for fishing and lifting purposes. We are also able to deliver anchors for mooring of fish farms and other mooring equipment.

Anchor chain

2-part chain sling


Selstad is certified by Norsk Sertifisering for the production and delivery of mooring systems for fish farms. We always have different types of chains, anchor chains, anchors, buoys and fibre rope of varying qualities readily available and in stock, and are able to deliver them in a range of different dimensions.


We are also able to deliver many types of buoys, either in a module system for attachments, or as a stand-alone element. Among this range, there are for example subsea buoys. These buoys float well, have a high tolerance and can be altered to fit the customer’s needs. We also have some buoys in stock in our warehouse in Florø.

Types of chain