Selstad has qualified and experienced personnel that are on hand to help with tasks that include treatment of steel wire rope, chains, ropes and other lifting equipment. Upon agreement, we can also splice ropes either at Selstad’s workshop or at the customer’s preference.

Wire splice

Selstad conducts re-certification and annual service on all types of lifting equipment. Products such as chain slings can lead to serious danger if not properly serviced, but after certification with us, the customer can feel assured that the product fulfils all requirements and standards.

Wire rope press


At Selstad’s workshop in Måløy, we can conduct splicing of ropes and wires, as well as treatment of lifting equipment and welding. We can service any of your wire, chain or round sling demands, either according to the customer’s specifications, according to standards or DNV.



Selstad can coil both steel wire rope and rope in our branches in Måløy, Ålesund and Tromsø.



We can cast steel sockets in all sizes and conduct rehabiltation of steel sockets with cleaning/sand blasting and accompanying NDT controls and surface treatment.


150 tonne testing facility

Selstad conducts routine checks on all our products. With our 150 tonne testing facility, we can conduct tests on rope, steel wire rope, chains and other lifting equipment.


Delivery of products

Selstad also offers to deliver products to the customer in cases where the customer is not able to come to Selstad, through the use of our truck, which can transport cargo weighing up to 13 tonnes. Other than the truck, Selstad also has a good cargo transport agreements with the biggest transportation companies, which is useful for customers that need to transport products over long distances.