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Selstad Rope

At the main plant in Måløy, we produce the famous Selstad rope. Here we control all the stages in the production process, including the choice of raw materials and fibres to be used in the rope fabrication. This means that Selstad is not only superior in quality, but also has a competitive edge, with greater flexibility in production and shorter delivery times.

Types of rope produced by Selstad:

  • 3-strand danline
  • 3-strand stretched danline
  • 4-strand danline (mooring)
  • 3-strand Silver rope
  • 4-strand Silver rope
  • Rope for crab fishing
  • 8-strand braided danline
  • Steel danline
  • Purse seine rope with lead
  • O-fl nylon
  • X-fl nylon

Selstad has produced rope since 1981, with the fabrication of rope in continuous development. Our renowned Ståldanline is used by the trawler fleet both in Norway and other fishing nations, with demand for the rope still rising steadily.


Selstad also produces other types of rope. The most widely used and popular include the 3-strand, 4-strand and 8-strand braided danline, being used primarily for the mooring of fish farms, docks, ships, etc. Selstad actually has its own testing facility, and is therefore able to deliver all ropes with a corresponding certification.


At Selstad, we are always doing our utmost to find the right products for our customers, regularly upon request from fishermen, fish farmers and other users.