SelstadThe world’s largest producer of salmon chooses Selstad as their main supplier of aquaculture net cages

The world’s largest producer of salmon chooses Selstad as their main supplier of aquaculture net cages

Mowi and Selstad has signed a contract for the next three years making Selstad their main supplier of aquaculture net cages.

- Mowi has been our most important client and partner company for many years, especially within net cages, service and mooring equipment. So, we are of course very happy about this deal, states the CEO of Selstad, Hans Petter Selstad.


The companies have worked closely together for several years. Thereby, they share a common understanding of how to achieve the best results.


Head of Purchasing in Mowi, Erik Kjær Mjøs, is pleased that they have chosen a reliable and solid partner like Selstad for the coming three years. The important factors emphasised in their choice of supplier were quality, ability to deliver, financial and environmental factors.


- Extremely high efficiency in our service stations for aquaculture allows for good capacity for the delivery of new net cages including coating. In this way, we can fulfil contracts like this, explains Head of Aquaculture Equipment in Selstad, Børre Waagan.


He goes on to explain that Selstad’s service stations are designed by the company’s principle of zero emissions, and that ethics, sustainability and environment are vital aspects of Selstad’s production guidelines.


Selstad’s service stations are located at numerous sites along the Norwegian coast. The company considers this contract as an essential point for its continued growth strategy.

Picture: Hans Petter Selstad, CEO of Selstad.

- Great value creation is happening along the coast of Norway, so it is important for us to participate in this and to create interesting job opportunities in these areas. We are grateful for the opportunity to be the main supplier of this important player in the industry, and we look forward to continuing the good partnership with Mowi, concludes Hans Petter Selstad.