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About us

Selstad is an international supplier of expertise and equipment for the maritime industry, putting quality, good service and innovation at the forefront. Having operated for over 60 years means that we can deliver high quality products based on our extensive experience and knowledge within the industry. Selstad’s business sectors include aquaculture and fishing equipment, rope production, safety equipment and equipment for industry and offshore. Our specific expertise lies in aquaculture and fishing equipment.
We constantly work to focus on quality and service, in order to deliver solid and reliable products to our customers. Innovation is also a central theme at Selstad, and we are committed to finding the best solutions for our customers. Through our extensive expertise, established market contacts and our developed and effective distribution network, we work to create profitability and progress in the maritime industry.
Selstad’s head office and plant are centrally-located in the harbour of the fishing town of Måløy. Our other divisions and sister companies are all strategically located in order to be ready to service our customers’ needs, wherever they may be. In order to provide the utmost of service and optimal products, we also have associated companies in Iceland, Greenland and South Africa, as well as partners in Russia, India, France, Holland and Scotland.